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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning in Long Island and Queens

We take chimney cleaning very seriously because our company specializes in forced air systems cleaning. We DO NOT offer any additional services such chimney repair, or chimney cap installations, which is a key factor that separates us from other chimney guys. This is not a form of supplemental income for us! We hope to continue to lead and pave the way in the
chimney cleaning industry!

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What is the average price for a Chimney Sweep?

A typical chimney cleaning in an average Long Island home can range anywhere from $125 to $295, depending on the chimney size, depth, length and a few other factors. A standard length for a chimney is 10 to 15 feet (anything bigger is considered above average). 

Be wary of chimney sweep scams that promise a proper job for $69! Premier Cleaning is one of the few, if not the only company in the NYC, and Long Island area that is so transparent about pricing. The reason we do this is to guarantee a great experience for each of our valued customers.

What dangers do Dirty Chimney Vents Pose to homeowners?

  • Dangerous Indoor Air Pollution and Decrease in Air Quality.
  • Creosote build up Inside Chimney Interior.
  • Increased risk of fire due to build up of remnants of combustible substances.
  • Costly chimney repairs that resulted in poor chimney maintenance
Listed Above are just a few the reasons Premier Cleaning always has technicians on call for chimney sweeps and chimney cleanings in the Queens and Long Island area. These areas have many traditionally built homes that have functioning chimneys that take a beating during harsh winter months, creating a demand for quality service providers. At Premier Cleaning we understand that coming into your home is a matter of mutual respect, which is why we never mind taking our shoes off or wearing protective booties. We also always bring our own tarps and HEPA certified vacuums to leave your house cleaner than before we entered. 

Call Premier Cleaning today for outstanding chimney cleaning services in all five boroughs of NYC!

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