A strong water heater beats insurance blues

A well-maintained tank water heater often will last 15 or more years. But insurance companies tend to draw the line at tanks that are 10 years old, and even then, they may not cover any or all of the damage if your tank fails.

For instance, the company may deny your claim if the adjuster determines the tank was too old or has been leaking for an extended period.

Then you are stuck with the bill for cleaning up water damage, often at a very steep price!

If the tank is in the basement, you might not realize it’s flooding until hundreds of gallons of water have escaped. And if it’s on an upper floor, the flowing water can descend on homes or offices below.

Avoid the problem

The best prevention is periodic maintenance.

It helps energy efficiency, extends the life of your tank, and ensures that everything is working well.

Maintenance includes removing the mineral deposits and sediment that accumulate inside water heaters. These accumulations keep heaters from properly heating. By cleaning the filter and flushing the system you significantly increase the odds of your heater functioning effectively for a long time.

Possible danger!

Safety also is a concern. Water heaters can generate carbon monoxide just like clothes dryers, furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, ovens and stoves.

Periodic maintenance gives you peace of mind in several ways – safety, efficiency and security.

Premier HVAC technicians service and install water heaters, both tank and tankless. Their work is guaranteed.