Cost, comfort decide debate over tank-less or standard water heater

Cost, comfort decide debate over tank-less or standard water heater

Keep some factors in mind when you are deciding between a standard water heater and a tank-less heater. Both systems work well, depending on your needs.

The experienced staff at Premier can help you weigh the pros and cons of each system and give you all the information you want. We install and service both, so we can give you real-life insights you won’t get from a faraway website.

Bottom line: The tank-less system costs more upfront but you enjoy significant energy savings and more durability over the long term. One consideration: How long do you plan to stay in the home? Will you be there long enough to recover the initial cost?

Tank-less models also require much less room than the 50- or 60-gallon cylinder occupying space in your home. That’s a factor for people trying to create space in smaller homes.

Ultimately, most people decide on the basis of costs and convenience.


Storage tank water heaters cost much less to buy and install. But their overall operating costs can be much higher because they heat and reheat water to an established temperature, whether you are using the hot water or not.

Storage tank heaters also wear out much sooner than tank-less water heaters. A tank-less heater, which works on demand, will last about 20 years while the conventional water heater may need to be replaced in 10 or 15 years.

(Keep in mind that life expectancy depends on usage. Do you use a lot of water for showers, washing etc.? Or are you the only person in the home? Also, electric hot water heaters generally last several years longer than gas water heaters.)


Determine how often you need hot water.

Do you have several people trying to get ready for school or work at the same time? Then a storage tank may be the answer because it never runs low on water.

But if only a couple of people need hot water at about the same time, a tank-less model can be the right solution.

Is space a consideration? The tank-less model is tucked away, consuming a tiny fraction of the water tank gobbling up space in a closet or room.

We’re talking 10 or more square feet you could put to other use. This is one reason they’re so popular in buildings with tight floor plans.

Thanks to technology and direct vent design, they can be installed in close quarters.

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