Freon leaks need quick attention

Freon leaks need quick attention

All sorts of reasons could be behind a Freon leak, but generally age is part of the problem.

An air-conditioning system, like anything except the Energizer Bunny, tends to wear down over time. And AC systems have lots of moving parts that can corrode or fail.

Metal corrodes and that’s how most leaks and cracks appear, letting Freon escape. Freon, a refrigerant, is essential to your AC system or heat pump.

How do I know I have a leak?
You may suspect you have a refrigerant leak because the system sends out warm air when you set the thermostat for cool air. Or ice appears on the coils, or you hear a hissing sound.

Your utility bill also will tell you that you have a problem; the bill will rise and rise until you address the problem!

Many possible sources
The leak needs to be solved because refrigerant cools your home by absorbing the heat. When Freon leaks, your HVAC system works harder and even then it doesn’t get you the temperature you want in these humid New York summers.

A professional technician can use special tools to track down the leak, assess the problem and offer smart solutions. (The tools vary from old-fashioned listening for a tell-take hiss to more high-tech devices like electronic detectors.) He also will check the refrigerant line for dirt, another sign of a leak.

Usually the leak can be traced back to metal or rubber weakened by corrosion and wear and tear. Here are some of the likely locations:
• Valves
• Joints
• Setlines, (copper pipes that transport the Freon)
• Capillary tubes (very small throttling devices)
• Accumulators (used on heat pumps to control refrigerant)
• Coils
• Flare connections (vulnerable to vibration)

What’s next?
After the technician finds the leak and diagnoses the problem he should offer you one or more possible solutions.

In some cases, the system is so old and the damage so expensive that it makes more sense to buy a new, more energy-efficient AC system or heat pump.

But in other cases the leak can be fixed that same day, giving you and your family the comfortable home you want.

Note Sometimes a new system will have a refrigerant leak – almost always because the installation wasn’t done correctly.

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