How to Do Dryer Vent Cleaning the Right way

How to Do Dryer Vent Cleaning the Right way

1. Clean the Lint Screen

Every time you run your clothes dryer, bits of lint are tumbled free of your clothes and get trapped in the screen. If this piece is not cleaned after every cycle, it can trap the heat in your dryer and cause unsafe conditions. If you clean your lint trap regularly, you can keep your dryer at a safe temperature, and it will effectively dry your clothes.

2. Clean Your Dryer Vent

Lint and dust can frequently make it past your lint screen and into your dryer vent, causing blockages and fire hazards. Ensure your vent is clean by making sure the air is blowing freely while the dryer is running. Getting dryer vent cleaning from a trained professional can help it run safely. Keep the area around your dryer clear as well.

3. Be Careful With Flammable Materials

If you work around strong chemicals and get some on your clothes, make sure those clothes are washed thoroughly before you toss them in the dryer. Any kind of combustible chemicals can start a fire in the heat of your dryer.

4. Use Rigid Ducts

Flexible ducts can easily become crushed or kinked and prevent air flowing from your dryer. Ensure your appliance stays at a safe temperature by using rigid duct that will allow for maximum air flow.

5. Turn Off Your Dryer When Leaving Your Home

Even if you keep your dryer cleaned and maintained, it's best to never to run it when you're away from home. You never know when a fire could start, and, if you’re not around to sense the problem, it could cause severe damage.

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