How to Prepare for an AC Installation

How to Prepare for an AC Installation

Whether you’ve never owned an AC unit or your current system needs an upgrade, there are a few things you should to do to prepare for an AC installation. Read on to learn how to get your home ready for a new air conditioning system, so that when the time comes, installation will be quick and efficient.

Work Out Logistics

Before any talk of AC installation works its way into your home, you need to consider logistics. First of all, have you researched what type of unit you want? Find out which unit makes the most sense for you, both financially and energy-wise before proceeding. Then, identify where in your home the new air conditioning system will be installed.

Prepare Your Home

Now that you know what type of unit you want and where it belongs in your home, it’s time to prep your living space. Move any objects hindering the installation process out of the way, and put tarps or sheets over any large pieces of furniture you’re unable to move—just in case of dust. Find a way to keep animals and small children out of the area while technicians are installing the machine, and understand there’s a small chance your power could go out while the unit is being installed. If you absolutely need power during this time, think of a place nearby where you can use electricity instead.

Understand Maintenance

Lastly, consider the maintenance needs associated with AC installation. Are you committed to having your unit serviced annually to ensure its longevity? Have you estimated how much your power bill will increase if you use your air conditioning often? Having realistic expectations about your new AC unit will make it all the sweeter when you’re enjoying it on a warm summer’s day.