HVAC maintenance is worth it

HVAC maintenance is worth it

Preventive maintenance is the secret to making a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system work better, last longer and hold down utility costs.

Just as a car needs periodic oil changes and checkups, a heating and cooling system benefits from an examination by a technician who can clean and tweak it to perform at maximum efficiency and alert you to components that may need to be replaced. Systems in New York City especially need a checkup to make sure our sometimes-harsh climate isn’t taking a toll on them.

Preventive maintenance pays because it maximizes HVAC efficiency. Otherwise, you could be spending money on wasted air. It can mean savings of up to 30% on your energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

How about that – a 30 percent drop in your energy bill?

What you get
The veteran technicians at Premier Services HVAC do a thorough job, inspecting the system from one end to the other. They clean fins, hard-to-access coils, the evaporator system, blower components, condenser and condensate pan, thermostat, venting, safety controls, refrigerant and all the other parts that keep your home or business comfortable year-round.

If they detect problem areas, our techs can fix them then and there rather than letting them fester into bigger, more expensive issues. When problems linger, they hamper your cooling and heating system’s operation; they affect air movement, tax the motor and cause energy bills to rise as the apparatus labors to keep pace.

Benefits for you: Maintenance helps the system work efficiently; it keeps a lid on energy costs and it provides peace of mind.

Breathe better
Preventive maintenance also gives you cleaner air indoors because we remove dirt and debris that has settled on HVAC parts – a major help for people who have allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems.

Many people don’t realize it, but indoor air often is much dirtier than outside air, one reason the Indoor Air Quality Association supports preventive maintenance.

“Generally speaking, preventive maintenance helps ensure that the warm or cold air pumping through your vents is as clean and well-filtered as possible,” the association says.

Another reason
One more valuable benefit if your system is under warranty: Many HVAC manufacturers require proof of annual maintenance when homeowners submit a claim for repairs. Preventive maintenance is proof that you paid attention to your system and followed the manufacturer’s rules.