Is your AC whistling?

Air conditioners can make some ominous noises, but a whistling sound often signals just a minor problem that the average homeowner can repair singlehandedly.

An airflow issue generally is the cause of a whistling air-conditioner.

First, check these areas:

• The air filter may be dirty. Do you need to replace it? A dirty air filter blocks airflow.

• A return vent may be blocked. Maybe someone moved the furniture and put a chair in front of a vent. If you block a vent you reduce airflow.

• The same policy applies to dampers. Don’t close dampers unless you want to eliminate airflow.

• Also, don’t close every door inside your home. Too many closed doors will inhibit airflow.

But if these areas aren’t the problem, you may need to call the professionals at Premier HVAC.

Worse scenarios

Your problem could be more complicated.

• Your ducts may be leaking, emitting a whistling sound where the cooled or heated air escapes.

• A belt or fan may be malfunctioning. This may sound like the squeal made by a car with a worn fan belt.

• The system may be too big for your home. In that case it is putting too much air into the ducts.

• Other installation-related causes: The grille may be too small to provide adequate airflow, or there may not be enough return inlets.

The grille, which is usually placed on the ceiling, pulls air back into the system for reuse. Return air vents help to pull in air and return it to the system.

Premier technicians can solve your problems with leaky vents, defective parts or any other residential or commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning issue. We serve Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.