Tankless water heater hacks

Tankless water heaters have several advantages over their older cousins, the traditional tank water heater.

They include great options:

• Some are equipped with wireless controls that let you set the temperature from anywhere inside your home or business. How’s that for convenience?

• There is a way to get around the wait for the cold water to empty out and the hot water to flow – simply shorten the distance between the tankless heater and the rooms where you want hot water.

Maybe your heater is in the basement, and it takes a while to get the water upstairs to be as warm as you wish.

No problem. Install one tankless water heater on the first floor and another on the second.

Remember, a tankless model takes up a tiny fraction of the space required for a tank heater, which is busy all day heating water whether you want it or not.

• If you are switching from a tank model to a tankless heater, be aware that some accommodations may be needed. Most importantly, a tankless water heater will need a larger gas line than the one used by a tank model. Make sure your installer knows how to do this before you sign a contract.

Finally, enjoy that tankless water heater and the energy efficiency it brings because it heats water only when you want it.

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