Tariffs mean higher HVAC prices. Should you repair or replace your system now?

Tariffs mean higher HVAC prices. Should you repair or replace your system now?

Considering a new air conditioner system in Manhattan?

How about a new furnace in Brooklyn?

Perhaps you need a new ventilation system in Queens?

Here’s some news that may influence your decision: Many manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment recently raised prices 5 to 10 percent as a result of the trade war with China and other countries. And prices may continue to rise if more tariffs are placed on foreign-made components used in heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

One option is to buy a new, more efficient system now before prices rise any higher.

But maybe you don’t need a new system. Maybe it just needs some tweaks to extend its life and maximize its efficiency.

Either way, you can contact us and we will help you study all sides of the issue and let you decide what works best for you. We’re a small, locally owned business in Brooklyn, not a big chain with quotas to maintain and faraway bosses to please.

Tariffs and price hikes

Prices began rising as tariffs were announced, affecting many parts used to make HVAC equipment. Steel tariffs rose 25 percent and aluminum 10 percent. The United States also imposed tariffs on compressors, furnace burners and other parts important to heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

So far, 19 manufacturers have raised prices 5 to 10 percent since the first new tariffs were announced March 1, according to a report in achrnews.com, which covers the fields of air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration and ventilation.

In addition, the Trump administration is calling for tariffs on other HVAC components such as controls equipment, motors and heat exchangers.

Leaders of the HVAC industry are opposing the proposal, saying the tariffs raise prices, hurt American consumers and don’t accomplish President Trump’s stated goals of protecting and growing American jobs.

They say American manufacturers alone can’t produce enough steel and aluminum for domestic use.

And some materials facing tariffs aren’t even manufactured in the United States. They include ingredients needed for duct board or duct wrap, according to the Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International, a not-for-profit international association serving wholesaler-distributors and their suppliers within the HVACR industry.

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