We have experience and training to fix your mini-split problem

We have experience and training to fix your mini-split problem

We respond quickly when your mini-split system has troubles,

Our experienced technicians know how to handle water leaks, refrigerant and blower problems, poor air movement, air handler issues and other ductless HVAC troubles. Their training in mini-splits give them an advantage because mini-splits sometimes have very different problems from traditional heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

They know the importance of using the right size wiring for ductless mini-splits. Otherwise, the system may have trouble communicating signals to its compressor and other components.

And our techs make sure your mini-split system is grounded correctly to maintain consistent operation.

Mini-splits have much more of a computer system than traditional HVAC, making them more sustainable but also requiring special expertise that Premier Services offers, thanks to our training on Mitsubishi and Fujitsu models.

Our seven vans answer calls in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

The techs diagnose the problem and offer cost-effective solutions that will soon have you and your family once again enjoying the comfortable temperature you desire.

Call us: (917) 275-3280 and we will help you.

• Perhaps the system is blowing warm air instead of the cool air you desire. We will check to see if a refrigerant leak or other problem is to blame.

• Is water leaking from your indoor unit? The drainage hose may be clogged or twisted, posing a potentially serious problem if you let the leak keep spreading through the wall.

• If the system won’t respond to the remote control – and you have checked the batteries to make sure they’re good – the problem may be in the power supply or the electric system.

Again, our technicians will be glad to respond quickly and troubleshoot the problem.

Our company has grown from one employee and one van in 2016 to 15 employees and seven vans today, thanks to satisfied customers who recommended us to their friends, relatives and neighbors.

Work guaranteed
We guarantee our work and we carry all required licenses and insurance.

When we repair or maintain your mini-split system, you appreciate its energy efficiency and the minimal energy usage -– good for both your budget and the environment. Their heat pumps provide good heating and cooling for individual areas and don’t push heat or cooling into unused rooms. And they don’t need ducts, which often let 10 percent or more of the energy escape from the system.

Call Premier Services for a fast, sensible solution to your mini-split problem. Our main office is in Brooklyn and we maintain workstations in Long Island and Staten Island, giving us quick access to New York City and the suburbs.

Premier Services, a locally owned company, provides a full range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation to homes and businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.