What will you do with that window A/C unit when winter hits NYC?

What will you do with that window A/C unit when winter hits NYC?

Premier HVAC Services removes and stores it for you.

That window air conditioner kept you cool through this hot, sticky New York City summer, but now colder weather is approaching and you want the window a/c unit out of sight.

You want your window view unimpeded and that unit off its perch on the windowsill. But you don’t want to wrestle with that bulky unit and you don’t have room to store it out of sight.

Simply contact Premier HVAC Services. We will remove the window AC system and store it in a safe place for the winter. When warm weather returns in 2019, we will bring your A/C unit back and re-install it for you. Problems solved! p>Premier HVAC Services offers this window unit storage program in New York City and Long Island. It’s one of many customer-oriented services that set us apart from other HVAC companies.

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Premier HVAC Services, based in Brooklyn, has 15 employees trained in a wide assortment of skills involving installation and repair of residential and commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing. We can get your heating system ready for winter and your air-conditioning ready for summer, and fix any problems you may encounter.

Our staff includes technicians skilled at cleaning ducts and air handlers for homes and businesses. They use smart tools to remove pollutants, bacteria, dirt, dust and debris that hurt indoor air quality and affect the health of people, especially children and senior citizens.

Premier HVAC Services also cleans chimneys and chimney vents, improving air quality and eliminating air pollution inside your home or business. Our technicians know how to remove creosote that accumulates inside chimneys and adds to the possibility of fires.

And our technicians keep your home clean while they service your chimney. They bring tarpaulins, HEPA-certified vacuums and protective booties to make sure that your home is cleaner, not dirtier, when they finish their work.