Why Is Periodic Bathroom Vent Cleaning Necessary?

Why Is Periodic Bathroom Vent Cleaning Necessary?

1. Prevents Mold

The main function of a bathroom vent is to remove moisture that builds up after a long bath or shower. If the vent is too clogged to function properly, the moisture lingers in the bathroom. It then builds up over time, resulting in peeled wallpaper and paint, warped doors, and, most notably, mold. The more moist the bathroom becomes, the more rapidly the mold will reproduce. By having your vents cleaned, you can eliminate the damp environment the fungus thrives in.

2. Removes Dangerous Chemicals From Air

Chemical products do wonders for keeping your bathroom clean, but inhaling them can be dangerous, leading to conditions such as asthma and reproductive disorders. Because the fumes can linger in your vents, regular cleaning is necessary to remove them.

3. Odor Control

Usually, a bathroom fan can remove odor as well as moisture, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh for the next user. But a neglected vent can hamper the fan’s ability to regulate air, so it has to stay on longer to get the job done — which is a waste of energy. A well-maintained vent ensures the air becomes clean fast.

Although you can vacuum some dust off your fan by yourself, a deep and effective cleaning should be done by professionals. For both residential and commercial bathroom vent cleaning in Brooklyn and Westbury, NY, call Premier HVAC Services at (917) 275-3280. Named an Elite Service by HomeAdvisor®, you can trust they’ll use only the top tools and techniques to keep your home safe and tidy.