Why regular dryer vent cleaning is vital

Why regular dryer vent cleaning is vital

From cleaning the gutters to refinishing your floors, there are a variety of maintenance tasks to stay on top of if you’re a home or business owner. While they may feel burdensome, some chores — such as dryer vent cleaning— extend the longevity of your equipment, save you money, and keep you, your family, and your customers safe. Due to the serious hazards dryer vents pose, the caring team from Premier HVAC Services in Brooklyn and Westbury, NY, strongly recommend regular inspections and cleaning.

Why Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Important?

Most people clean out the dryer’s lint screen before starting the machine. But if you fail to do so, the lint can work its way into the tubing and possibly spark an electrical fire. However, your dryer’s vents can pose a more serious fire hazard, as lint can also build up inside them. Largely due to clogged vents, dryers cause about 15,000 house fires per year in the U.S. On top of that, clogged vents may also emit poisonous and potentially deadly carbon monoxide gas into your home.

Safety is the primary concern with dryer vent cleaning, but it will also help your wallet and the environment. When you clean your lint screen, you can save up to 30% more energy on each cycle. Additionally, it will prevent you from having to buy a new machine sooner. Even if a fire doesn’t spark, a clogged vent can cause your system to break down prematurely.

How Often Should You Do It?

How frequently you need to have your vents cleaned depends on the size of your machine and how often you use it. For example, laundromats will need the service more regularly than a home. At minimum, though, you should have yours inspected and cleaned once a year. Laundromats and large families with plenty of laundry may need to do it as often as three times annually.

If you notice your machine suddenly takes longer than usual to dry clothing, your clothes have a strange odor, or the machine emits a burning smell, it’s time for an inspection. Likewise, if you can’t open the hood flap properly, this may be due to severe lint buildup. As soon as you detect an issue, seek professional support.

Stay safe and save money when you invest in professional dryer services from Premier HVAC Services. These experienced technicians also offer bathroom vent, chimney, and air duct cleaning services.