Before buying a furnace, New Yorkers…

Is this the year that your furnace finally needs to be replaced?

If so, you want to start planning now. Doing your research in advance can help you make the best possible purchase for your home.

You also may be eligible for substantial government assistance in lowering the ultimate price of a gas or oil furnace.

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You also may qualify for tax breaks from the State of New York.

Premier’s staff will be glad to help you successfully complete the application process.

Government aid will help soften the bite of a furnace purchase. And you will love the way a new furnace delivers optimum efficiency and reduces energy usage, which is good both financially and environmentally.

Pick a furnace

The size of your home is a factor in selecting a furnace, but it’s hardly the only one. You also should consider the amount of insulation, window size, surrounding trees, ceiling height, ductwork and other issues.

Again, a veteran Premier staffer can help you with the calculations that determine the best furnace for your family and your budget.

Premier HVAC’s veteran technicians install and repair gas and oil furnaces in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island.