HVAC wiring needs checking

When you get your maintenance check, be sure to ask the technician to review the wiring for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Clean coils improve HVAC

Dirty coils are costly. They eat up energy, increase operating pressure and attract contaminants that make indoor air dirtier.

How to care for a mini-split HVAC

While your new mini-split heater/air-conditioner is a marvel of today’s technology, it does need some old-fashioned care from time to time to keep it in top running order.

Furnace or heat pump?

Torn between buying a furnace and a heat pump?

The better choice probably is the heat pump if you’re thinking long-term but read on for the pluses and minuses of both systems.

Our technicians are trained, experienced and licensed to install, maintain and repair commercial and residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and to clean and inspect your chimney or ventilation shaft. Our team does excellent work, whether it’s handling traditional HVAC work or dealing with the quirks of brownstones, prewar buildings and other structures not easy to heat or cool.

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