Best HVAC filters: Consumer Reports

Every HVAC technician has an opinion on the best filter for heating and cooling systems, but let’s turn today’s blog post over to other experts.

Consumer Reports is out with its latest report on HVAC air filters, broken down by size. The consumer-oriented publication said it tested 58 models for how well they cleared the air off dust, pollen and smoke, how freely air passed through the unit, and other factors.

Its determination:

• Best 4-inch-thick filter, Aprilaire Healthy Home MERV 13, for $41. Overall score 75.

• Best 5-inch-thick filter, Lennox Healthy Climate Carbon Clean 16, $100. Overall score 70.

• Best 1-inch-thick filter, Filtrete MPR 1900 Filter, $23. Overall score 68.

Your choice of filters is dictated by the size and make  of your heating and cooling system. Some filters cost considerably less than the magazine’s selections, but won’t last as long. “The 5-inch-thick Lennox lasts about 12 months; the 1-inch Filtrete needs replacing every three months or so.”

The results are in the November-December 2023 print issue of Consumer Reports.

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