Good HVAC can help your resale value

Looking to sell your property?

Along with curb appeal and staging, consider the status of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. A lot of money could be riding on this factor.

As a home real estate publication notes: “... the central heating system can be a critical element in a homebuyer's decision to proceed and purchase.”

Buyers, especially younger people and others less accustomed to home ownership, are especially leery of the repairs that an aging HVAC system may entail, says

The publication notes other HVAC issues for a home sale: “If you are living in an older home or a home with a more traditional exterior aesthetic, specifically, it is especially important that the internal features of the home are updated. The home will already appear more worn and likely warrant cosmetic updates, and buyers will not want to have to worry about features like the central heat unless it is a complete teardown.”

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HVAC also can figure into the property’s appraised value. Central air will carry more weight than individual window units. An HVAC system could win or lose points if it’s relatively new, if it seems corroded, and if the home inspector finds other issues.

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