Help your heat pump do its job(s)

One beauty of the heat pump is how it works summer and winter, spring and fall, one simple unit keeping us warm and cool as we wish.

But take a few minutes here and there to help the heat pump function at its max. The tasks are minor, but they pay major benefits. One example: A well maintained heat pump is 10 percent to 25 percent more efficient than one that is poorly maintained.

• Change the filter monthly, or as needed.

• Periodically hose off the coils on the outdoor unit. •Make sure vegetation doesn’t crowd airflow for the outside unit.

• Indoors, clean the supply and return registers.

Remember, dirt is the enemy of HVAC. But these steps will keep your system running clean.

Professional help

The Department of Energy recommends you hire an HVAC pro to tune up your system and nip problems in the bud, as the Department of Energy recommends.

“You should … have a professional technician service your heat pump at least every year,” the agency said.

This service call should include inspecting belts and electric connections, lubricating motors, checking refrigerant level and much more.

For more details on what an inspection should include, see

Premier HVAC follows the list recommended by the Department of Energy. We are licensed, insured and punctual.