Ice on my HVAC in NYC! In summer!

New Yorkers sometimes can’t believe it when their AC system ices over during hot weather, but it happens.

Let’s start with possible solutions to this problem, with the least expensive first.

The problem usually begins when the refrigerant gets too cold and sheds moisture that forms into ice.


Impeded airflow?

Maybe your air filter is dirty and blocking the proper amount of air from moving through the system.

Or furniture is blocking a vent from doing its job.

Or overgrown bushes prevent the outside unit from moving air.


Right temperature?

Some people leave the AC running in all sorts of weather, but most AC systems are made to work when outdoor temperatures are at least 60 degrees.

Is it colder inside your home than outside?

Another possibility: You set your indoor thermostat too low – well below 70 degrees.


What to do?
Turn off the system and let the ice thaw. It may take 30 minutes or more. Meanwhile, see if any of these problems are affecting your AC.

If so, fix them and try the AC system again. If it works, you are a hero in your own household!

If not, you probably have bigger problems – a refrigerant leak or a defective component that requires a licensed technician.