Maintain HVAC now, Avoid high prices later

Regular maintenance of heating and cooling systems is even more important now that parts and labor shortages and supply chain delays have raised prices for virtually all industries.

Some furnace, boiler and air conditioner parts may be on order for six to eight weeks before they are delivered, and prices have jumped dramatically in many areas.

These developments give you even more reasons to have your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system checked now.

Small problems can be detected and repaired promptly rather than festering into big problems that require parts on back order.

Hero of your home

Our maintenance includes a thorough examination of your entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, much as you periodically tune up your car.

Premier’s experienced staff will oil and lube parts and check components for wear and tear, making sure your system will reliably keep your home comfortable for many months to come.

Two examples:

• A belt may be wearing down as it ages. Our tech can replace it now or make sure a replacement is ordered long before it breaks.

• The tech may discover a failing capacitor, which can take out the condenser fan or compressor if not repaired.

These preventive services will give you a sense of security and keep you the hero of your home.

Yes, a maintenance check costs some money, but not as much as a repair when the system grinds to a halt – usually on a long weekend  when your in-laws are visiting.

Premier HVAC serves Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island. Our technicians are equipped with parts and tools to get the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible.