Read this before buying a new furnace

Several factors could keep your gas furnace from many years of heating your home or business efficiently.

Some come on the front end, when it is installed, and others happen when it isn’t maintained properly.

Follow these tips and your furnace will work well for 15 to 30 years!


Picking the wrong size furnace will backfire on you. If it’s too small or too big, it will guzzle too much energy and not heat your home evenly. And this bad combination can accelerate the furnace’s demise.

You want to make sure an experienced pro sizes and installs your furnace – someone who knows how to design, size and seal the ductwork. Bad ductwork and poorly installed fuel lines and vents will hurt efficiency and weaken the furnace.

Post installation

Remember that dirt is your enemy.

Periodically clean the motor, heat exchanger and filters. An annual review by a professional technician will keep your furnace running clean, just as a good mechanic can extend your car’s life.

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