Replace old boiler with new furnace?

There are many benefits to replacing your boiler with a new furnace.

A forced-air furnace has several plusses:

• It heats faster, giving you more efficiency at lower cost.

• It’s easier to maintain.

• Repair costs are lower.

• Leaks and water damage are less likely.

• Less home-owner involvement. A furnace, unlike a boiler, does not need to be purged nor have water levels checked.

Complicated but doable

Like most good things, there are some big complications to replacing a boiler with a furnace.

The furnace can’t be installed until the boiler, radiators, pumps, and pipes are disable or removed. The furnace also will require vents and ductwork.

Some parts can be reused depending on their condition.


While furnaces and boilers are much more efficient than they used to be, furnaces tend to cost less than boilers.

Boilers also require much more maintenance than a furnace. Cleaning and draining are just two of the chores on the annual checkup list.

The swap from boiler to furnace probably makes the most sense when your boiler is nearing its life expectancy and you want a long-term heating solution that will add to your comfort and your home’s resale value.

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