Shhh, heat pumps are really good

Install a ductless heat pump and you will enjoy an energy-efficient, versatile system for cooling and heating your business or home. And it’s quieter than a traditional HVAC system.


More good news: You can collect a tax credit for up to $2,000, thanks to a federal law that went into effect this year. This happened in part because modern technology has improved the heat pump’s year-round value. Today’s heat pump still works well at -10 degrees and even -20 degrees.



• Ductless heat pumps allow you to customize the temperature in each room. Kids get 70 degrees, Grandma gets 72 degrees, and you get peace and quiet!

• You will love the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The heat pump uses less energy than a traditional heating system, so you get relief on your power bills. And the environment gets a little break because heat pumps don’t use fossil fuels.

• Your indoor air quality will improve. Ductless heat pumps are especially good at filtering indoor air and capturing allergens, dust and other contaminants.

• Ductless heat pumps won’t require a huge, messy installation. An experienced tech can put in your system with minimal disruption because no ducts are involved.

• You can get a system that operates more quietly than traditional heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. You will be sleeping better in no time.

Premier HVAC technicians have years of experience and training that make them experts at installing heat pumps.