Smart New Yorkers clean furnaces yearly

Most New York City furnaces need to be cleaned every year to keep them functioning efficiently and safely.

Otherwise you may find your energy bills rising, your indoor air dirtier and the heat more sporadic around your home or business. Wait too long and the system will grind to a halt, with a repair perhaps costing much more than a professional cleaning.

A proper cleaning pays off: Efficient operation, lower bills, extended lifespan for the furnace, few repairs.

 It also increases your safety and peace of mind with a check of carbon monoxide levels. Carbon monoxide levels rise if the heat exchanger develops leaks.

Before hiring a technician, make sure his work list includes cleaning and calibrating the thermostat; cleaning the pilot assembly, burners, controls and the insides of the furnace; inspecting the air filter and belts; and testing the carbon monoxide levels when the furnace is operating.

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