Tips for your HVAC capacitors

As with most HVAC parts, people don’t think about the capacitor until it goes bad.

But it happens; the clues include unusually large energy bills, a lack of cool air and an AC system that won’t turn on and off properly.

On the plus side, many capacitors don’t wear out before the AC system.

But on occasion they can malfunction or break down, often due to poor maintenance.

This is when you appreciate the work of capacitors, battery-like devices that provide the extra energy your AC system needs when you turn it on.

The fix

A tool called a multimeter can detect if the capacitors are functioning properly. If not, it’s important to replace the defective capacitor with one that has at least the same size voltage.

Some do-it-yourselfers make the mistake of installing an undersized capacitor, but this unit will wear out fairly quickly.

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