Vinegar and your HVAC

Vinegar may smell bad, but it has two good purposes with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Many people already know that vinegar is great for cleaning out the drain line.

But a mix of vinegar and water also is an effective way to keep the coils clean and the system humming.

When dirt and dust inevitably accumulate on the coils, but a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle will wash away the sediment.

Why coils are important

The evaporator coil is located indoors. It treats the refrigerant, generating either warm or cool air to be sent throughout your home or office.

The condenser coil, which helps regulate the temperature of the refrigerant, is in the outside HVAC unit.

Drain line

Vinegar also is great for keeping the drain line free of bacteria and algae. Otherwise the pipe can become clogged, slowing or stopping the HVAC system. A quarter of a cup per month should do the job.

Some people use bleach, but vinegar is better. While bleach is a disinfectant, vinegar is a cleaner. Vinegar may have a temporary odor, but it doesn’t stain like bleach does if it is spilled. Bleach also can corrode copper pipes.

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