Why furnace blower doesn’t work

Not getting enough warm air in your home or business?

Energy bills rising?

Do you hear unusually loud noises from the furnace?

Do you smell a burning odor near the furnace?

The problem may be in your furnace blower, which sends heated air into your home from the furnace.

The solutions can be minor or complicated, and the fault may not lie with your furnace blower.

Easy fixes

First, make sure the filter is clean. A dirty filter slows down the air circulation and strains the blower. Install a clean filter and see if the system improves.

Also, check the fuse and the power cord to see if they are in good shape.

What about the thermostat? Is it on the correct setting? Is it automatically turning off because the setting is wrong? Then your furnace blower will turn off, too, leaving you with a lack of warm air flow.

A dirty filter, blown fuse, dampness or an incorrect thermostat may be the real culprit and your furnace blower is fine. The rising energy prices are due to these culprits, which make the furnace work harder to do its job.

Complicated fixes

Furnace blowers are designed to last 20 years, but sometimes they fail sooner, particularly if they are not maintained periodically.

Like almost everything else, they deteriorate over time – especially internal brushes, wiring that becomes brittle, and sealed bearings that dry out.

Loud bangs from the furnace could be telling you that the blower motor is worn out. Shrill noises can signal problems with the blower belt or a broken component.

Do you smell something burning? If so, the blower is overheating. It also may begin turning off and on even when you don’t use the thermostat.
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