AC: On/off or Auto Function?

Which is better? It depends, but usually the better choice is to select Auto (short for automatic).

It’s more energy-efficient, a good reason in itself, and it causes less wear and tear on the components, which can extend the life of your air-conditioning system.

Yes to Auto

Auto calls for the system to work much less than ON, which is always working unless it’s off. Auto means the fan turns on only when the AC is cooling the air.

But the fan will run nonstop if you choose ON; it runs even if the AC is not turning out cool air.

Yes to ON

That constant fan, however, will be welcome if your home or business become stuffy – you have a large gathering or kitchen aromas spread elsewhere.

A fan that runs non-stop is more likely to spread the air evenly, so that one room is not colder than another. (Note: A fan that runs constantly will send more dirt and debris into the filter, so you may need to change or clean the filter more often.)

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