Spring, time to prepare your AC system

Spring is here, at least on the calendar, and now is a good time to get your air conditioning system ready for warmer weather.


Start by checking your air filter, which needs to be clean to capture the dirt and debris stirred up after a winter without use. A dirty filter hurts your AC’s energy efficiency, makes the motor work harder and raises your energy bill.

Clean your outside unit. Make sure it has a radius of about 2-3 feet of clearance so no shrubs or other growth slow the air circulation.

Get expert help

Also, consider a top-to-bottom cleaning, lubrication and inspection by a trained technician. You should enjoy a worry-free summer of AC after the tech’s visit. It includes a total system review:
• looking for refrigerant leaks and checking the air flow and refrigerant charge level

• tightening connections, testing components and cleaning the condensate drainage system.

• Cleaning coils and examining the capacitor, compressor and other key parts.

The test should uncover any failing or defective parts and set you up for a comfortable, safe summer.

Ducts, too

A duct examination will find any dirty, loose or defective ducts that are letting conditioning air escape – another hit to your energy bill. Dirty or defective ducts make the system work harder, shortening the AC’s life expectancy.

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