Are heat pumps inevitable for NYC, LI?

Many government leaders are pushing for homes and businesses to switch to heat pumps for financial and environmental reasons.

New York State is among the most eager.

As the Washington Post notes, “A New York commission recently approved a plan to require all new houses built in the state after 2025 to use electric systems rather than those running on natural gas, oil or propane. After 2030, it seeks to require homeowners to replace all fossil-fuel-burning systems with non-carbon-emitting ones once they give out.”

Other states and cities share the sentiment, and Uncle Sam is willing to help.

“The Inflation Reduction Act provides generous rebates and tax incentives for those who install the devices, and the Energy Department has dedicated $250 million to increase their production,” The Post reported.

Heat pumps are much more energy-efficient than more traditional heating and cooling methods, although more expensive to install.

The Post noted findings that “heat pumps have an energy efficiency of 250 to 550 percent. Fossil-fuel boilers, in contrast, are at best 95 percent efficient.”

The payoff comes down the line, with less burdensome energy costs and less damage to the environment.

This is why heat pumps often save energy costs in the long term, even though they can be expensive to install, especially when replacing existing systems.

To ease the pain, the federal government and many states, including New York, offer subsidies and rebates.

Not a cure-all

The Post concludes with a warning that heat pumps alone are a step in the right direction but not a total solution.

More heat pumps will demand more electricity, which is often powered by fossil fuels.

“The goal should be to adopt electric heating while simultaneously upgrading the grid to increase capacity and shifting generation to wind, solar, nuclear and other clean energy sources.”

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