Why your HVAC smells

Your nose often is the first sensor to detect problems with your heating, ventilation or air conditioning system.

We should learn as children that an odor of rotten eggs, of course, means there may be a gas leak. Open your windows, leave your building and alert the authorities.

Some other smells may not be as easy to decipher. Here’s a rundown of possible causes:

•A smoldering or burning smell often indicates a dirty coil. A periodic maintenance check, which includes coil-cleaning, should prevent this from happening.

•The scent of oil in the air probably indicates a leak or loose fitting, or a clogged filter.

•An electrical smell could be minor or major. First, turn off the system and see if the filter is clogged. Restart the system, but if the smell persists, you may have a problem with wiring or the motor.

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