Clean coils improve HVAC

Dirty coils are costly. They eat up energy, increase operating pressure and attract contaminants that make indoor air dirtier.

Neglected long enough, dirty coils can bring your HVAC compressor to a halt, and that’s very depressing because the compressor is the most expensive part of your system.

An in-depth cleaning spring and fall should focus on the coils, among other components.

Start by using a vacuum or compressed air to remove dirt and dust.

Still dirty? Pressurized water can knock off sticky dirt but be gentle. Too much water pressure will hurt fins on the coils.

Spray a cleaning foam to reduce the chance of corrosion and consider using a mold inhibitor approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you hire a professional to check your HVAC system, be sure to ask him how he will be cleaning the coils.

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