How to care for a mini-split HVAC

While your new mini-split heater/air-conditioner is a marvel of today’s technology, it does need some old-fashioned care from time to time to keep it in top running order.

• Much like a traditional HVAC system, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced periodically to keep the air flowing and the system humming at optimal efficiency. Check the filter for cleanliness every month. (An easy way to remember: Check the filter on the day you get your monthly energy bill.)

• Keep an eye peeled for condensation from the mini-split. It can drip onto your floor and seep into the wall,  causing major damage.

• Other tasks should be done at least annually: Cleaning the coils, drain tubes and drip pans.

If you get a periodic inspection by an HVAC professional, all these issues plus various components will be on the checklist.

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