Common AC problems in NYC solved

When it comes to air conditioning, cleanliness is vital, especially if you want to save money and avoid breakdowns.

Look at these six problem areas and you will see that one easy fix is routine cleaning – either by you or a trained technician. Cleaning and routine checkups are especially important in the spring, when you are preparing the AC to keep you and your family safe and comfortable in the sweltering summer heat.

Start with the shrubbery, dirt, and debris around your outside unit. Trim back bushes and remove dirt to give the unit plenty of access to air.

The ducts that deliver your air accumulate dirt and get dislodged or punctured by rodents seeking a warm refuge during the winter. Either you or a qualified technician can clean the ducts, ridding it of dirt that slows the system’s operation. Look for ducts that, over time, develop leaks or are dislodged.

Clean or replace filters whenever they get dirty, especially in warm weather. Otherwise, the filters will capture so much dust and debris that the AC will keep working and working yet never reach your desired temperature.

Clean the coils. Debris tends to accumulate on coils, especially in humid weather, and slow the system to the point that the cools freeze. Yes, ice in New York summers! Frozen coils will shut down a system.

Dirt also can be the cause of sluggish fan blades in your outside unit. This loss of momentum makes your system work harder, giving you ineffective cooling and raising your utility bill.

The drainage pipe needs an occasional inspection to make sure dirt and debris don’t clog it. A blockage will keep the condensate from flowing out of the drainage system. Instead, it will back up ad cause leaks. Drain pans may wear out or get cracked, another source of leaks.

You can perform these tasks yourself, or you can call Premier HVAC 24/7 at (718) 395-2627.

Our trained, licensed technicians have plenty of experience with problems big and small, and they will soon have you basking in optimal AC.

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