AC blowing warm air may need easy or complicated solutions

There are several reasons why your air conditioner can turn against you and start blowing hot air instead of cool air.

It’s frustrating, but there are some easy fixes – and a couple more expensive reasons why your AC isn’t pumping out cool air.

Let’s start with the solutions you can do yourself … but first, turn off the AC if it is blowing hot air.

• Check the thermostat:
Maybe, just maybe, someone inadvertently switched the lever from “cool” to “heat.” It happens.

• Did the AC blow a fuse? Check the fuse box and make sure all the fuses are working.
Power surges can trip a circuit breaker or even an emergency shutoff switch. In New York City, we get an average of 15 days a year when the temperature hits 90 or higher, which can tax your system.

• Are foliage and dirt keeping your outside unit from functioning properly? Clean it and make sure branches aren’t interfering with the airflow.

• Are your air filters dirty? If so, they will keep cool air from circulating throughout your home.

Dirty filters also add stress to the unit, making it work harder and shortening its life expectancy. Filters are worth the money; replace them every month or whenever they get dirty.

Dirty filters are a chief cause of evaporator coils freezing. Frozen coils obstruct block airflow, and the motor then generates warmer air.

Keep the AC off for a couple of hours; the ice may melt and the system resume operating properly. If that doesn’t work, call a trained professional.

At Premier, we’re available 24/7 and we will fix the problem. Our techs are experienced and licensed. We serve Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island.

Complicated causes

The hot air may be due to one of these other, more complex problems:

• Low refrigerant
Only trained professionals should handle refrigerant, which is toxic. The system may be leaking or worn out or simply run low on refrigerant.

• Compressor problems
The compressor, the key part of your AC system, can be the source of unwanted hot air.

The coils may be dirty or the compressor’s electrical system may be misfiring. Suction lines may be damaged, lubricant levels may be low or contaminants may have penetrated the compressor.

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