Furnace or heat pump?

Torn between buying a furnace and a heat pump?

The better choice probably is the heat pump if you’re thinking long-term but read on for the pluses and minuses of both systems.

Buying and installing a gas or oil furnace probably will cost less but check first to see about the $2,000 or more in government aid that comes with a heat pump, all part of the effort to put less stress on the environment. Then consider how long you plan to stay in the house.

Heat pumps pay in the long run. They’re much more energy-efficient than gas, oil or electric furnaces, and they provide air conditioning as well.

Heat pumps can handle New York weather; they will keep working in sub-zero temperatures, so you won’t need an auxiliary heating system.

However, not all situations are alike. Check with an experienced technician to determine whether a furnace is the best choice for your budget and your family.

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