Want the right heat pump? Get the right contractor

Your choice of a heat pump is important, but so is your selection of the contractor to install the system that will heat and cool your home or business.

Start by interviewing three HVAC contractors and asking how they would install a heat pump for your property. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, a New York Times primer on heat pumps advises.

“A good contractor should be on the lookout for any potential problems or hiccups from the very first site visit. And that means you should be getting answers to lots of questions. Are they paying attention to the amperage on the circuit breaker, for example? Are they giving you a preliminary idea of how and where they might install the units? Are their project proposal quotes accurate and detailed?”

Other questions include their system for recommending a specific size and their consideration of factors like windows, ceiling height, weatherization, and acoustics.

You want a contractor who thinks of all these things even if you don’t. Take care; HVAC systems typically are the third most expensive purchase a person makes, behind a house and a car. And you want to get the maximum efficiency from a heat pump, which typically lasts 15 years.

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