How to select the right radiator

Radiators come in a variety of sizes, so you have options in deciding how you heat your home or business during New York winters.

One key question: How large is the area to be heated?

Sometimes you may be best served by one large radiator, while under different circumstances you may do better with two smaller radiators.

It’s essential that you get the correct size. Too small and it can’t heat the area adequately; too big and it will use more energy – raising your monthly bill.


A veteran heating professional can guide you through the process and help you pick the best radiators for your budget and your needs.

What do I need?

The tech will follow an established formula that determines the volume of the room and the amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units) needed to heat the room. This formula may be adjusted to meet your specific wishes. You may prefer more warmth in a living room than in a bedroom, for example.

Do windows play a part?

Yes, they can affect the demand for BTUs if they allow in a lot of sunshine – or if they have leaks.

What about insulation?

Strong insulation will lessen the need for BTUs because it keeps in the heat.

Finally, remember that heat rises. You will need more BTUs for a basement radiator than for a radiator in the attic, which is where much heat ultimately gathers.

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