Why isn’t my house warmer?

There’s nothing like a long cold spell to make us wonder why the heating system isn’t pumping out enough warm air.

Look around and you may see some potential villains stealing the heat your family craves:

Are your windows energy-efficient? Are the walls and attic insulated? How about those cracks in the door, ceiling and attic that you were going to fix last summer?

Drafts and poor insulation raise your power bill and force your system to work harder.

Then again, the fault may be in your system. Most furnaces and boilers last 15-20 years, but they start to lose some efficiency after 10 years.

Possible solutions

Check the air filter to make sure it is clean and letting the system breathe. Cleaning the filter can be an easy solution.

If the problem isn’t in the filter, check the thermostat. Thermostats don’t last as long as heating systems, so you may need a replacement. Ditto for other components, which can deteriorate due to wear and tear.

Meanwhile, consider a maintenance contract with a licensed, insured HVAC professional who will clean the system and replace aging parts before they break in cold spells.

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