In gas furnaces, control board is the brain

Power surges, dirt, age and water are threats to the control board that is the quarterback of your gas furnace.

The control board controls operations – turning on the gas, maintaining the desired temperature and other important tasks. It also often has coded lights that flash when the system has a problem.

2 types of boards

Older furnaces have a basic board that controls the gas valve, the igniter, and the flame-sensor.

Newer, more efficient gas furnaces use an “integrated” board. This model does not only what the older model does, but it also controls the furnace blower.

Both boards govern several steps, from receiving the thermostat’s call for heat, to turning on relevant devices to send the heat, to turning off the furnace at the desired temperature.

A failing furnace control board often will signal problems with an illuminated warning light. Premier’s experienced, well-trained technicians can solve problems with furnace control boards and anything else HVAC.