Is your thermostat in the right place?

If your thermostat isn’t properly placed you may have pockets of hot and cold air in your home or business.

For example, a thermostat next to the kitchen and laundry room will pick up the heat generated by ovens and clothes dryers. The thermostat won’t realize the temperature may be quite different in other rooms.

Or maybe the sunlight lets a lot of summer sunshine and winter gloom onto a nearby wall where the thermostat is mounted.


In a one-story building, the best place for the thermostat often is in the hall between the living area and the bedrooms. Temperatures there are less volatile.

A two-story building may offer separate thermostats.

If you have only one thermostat for two floors, remember that heat rises and cool air falls, so the temps can vary from floor to floor. Take that into account when placing a thermostat.

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