Thermostat tips to save money

Kids do it all the time. They come home, see the indoor temperature is 78 degrees and decide they want it to be 72 inside. So they set the thermostat at 68 degrees, figuring this will accelerate the cooling process.

The only thing that gets accelerated is the pressure on the system – and your electric bill.

Or maybe someone in your home likes to constantly fidget with the thermostat, raising and lowering it for the sake of a single degree. All this tinkering just makes the thermostat and other parts wear out sooner.

Get smart

A programmable thermostat can reduce wasted energy and help the environment.

You can program and pre-set temperatures that mesh with your lifestyle – taking into consideration whether you work days or nights and when you and others are home.

Consumer Reports sees advantages in programmable and smart thermostats, saying they can cut $50 off your annual energy bill.

“According to Energy Star, the average U.S. household spends over $900 per year on cooling and heating. A properly programmed thermostat can help you lower those energy costs and make setting the right temperature more convenient, which both contribute to why a smart thermostat is worth it,” the nonprofit magazine says.

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