Why HVAC coils need to be clean

Like many other items on an air conditioner, you may never notice the coils until you have a problem.

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system has coils both inside and outdoors.

You want to keep them clean. Otherwise, dust and debris accumulates on them, which makes the system work harder and raises your power bill.

Ooh that smell!

If you notice an unusual odor, your interior coils may be dirty, creating smelly air. You may find the HVAC system is not providing enough of the warm or cool air you want.

The indoor coil is an evaporator coil; refrigerant moves through the coil, bringing cool or warm air to be circulated through your home or business.

The outdoor coils

Condenser coils, which are outside with the compressor, can get dirty due to debris like pollen, falling leaves and twigs. You can help them by washing them with a hose and making sure there’s no foliage nearby to impede the airflow.

Why we clean your coils

Occasionally, untended coils spring leaks or pinholes.

In many cases, the leaky coils can’t be fixed. Repairs and replacement are expensive.

Coils are on the list of items that Premier technicians check when they conduct maintenance inspections. They clean the coils and make sure they are not corroded or prone to leaking.

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