Keep your AC compressor running well

Treat your compressor well and it will keep your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system running efficiently for years.

Neglect it, however, and you may get a costly lesson in compressors.

The compressor often is the most expensive single item in your system, and it can’t simply be repaired. You have to hope it’s still under warranty.

Lose-lose choice

If it’s not under warranty, you face an awkward dilemma:

You can buy a new compressor, for lots of money, or you can buy a totally new HVAC system for lots and lots and lots of money.

The compressor is durable, built to serve your home or business for years. It just needs some TLC – periodic lubrication and greasing, work that our technicians can do for you as part of an overall check of your HVAC system.

Bad signs

There are many reasons an AC system stops cooling. The scariest one is a failure of the compressor, which is the heart and soul of the refrigeration process.

Keep your ears open because a troubled compressor makes noises. It may hum loudly, or struggle to start, or hiss.

Another sign: A puddle near your outside unit may be refrigerant, a toxic compound which must be treated by a licensed technician.

Call us at Premier and we will do everything we can solve your problem before it gets worse.

Compressor 101

The compressor, which is run by a motor, pressurizes the refrigerant.

When it’s working properly, it quickly gets your home to the temperature set on your thermostat.

When it malfunctions, you get warm air circulating through the house.

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