Humidity tips for AC in NYC

Your air conditioner doesn’t just cool your home. It also helps reduce indoor humidity, which can make home life uncomfortable.

In rare cases, extreme inside humidity can lead to mold. In the winter, excessively low humidity can cause sinus issues and dry skin. To get the best dehumidification, leave your thermostat setting at “AUTO,” not “ON.”

The reasons:

With “ON your AC fan runs constantly, even when your system isn’t pumping out cool air. The result: moisture blows around inside your home, creating a sticky situation.

“AUTO” is a better choice because the fan runs only when the system is producing cool air. This allows time for moisture on the cooling coils to drain outside.

Keep temps steady

You may think you’re saving money by completely turning off the system when you leave the house. This makes sense if you are  leaving on a trip, but not if you’re only going to work or you will be away for just several hours.

Turning off the system means the house can get extremely warm. And the system will have to labor much harder to get the temperature tolerable. The harder the system works, the sooner it breaks down, costing you far more money than you saved by turning it off.

Better to leave it running, at least within a few degrees of what you want when you’re home. This way, the system will run more efficiently. Frequent raising and lowering the thermostat takes a toll on the system – and your energy bill.

Humidity questions

If you think you have humidity problems, you can buy relatively inexpensive meters to measure the humidity levels.

If one room is significantly more or less humid than the rest of the home, call Premier. One of our trained technicians can determine if the humidity is due to problems with your AC system.