Ductless AC wards off summer heat

Summer is approaching and you are dreading the heat and the humidity.

But relief may be right here: A ductless air conditioner is a great way to cool a room and improve your comfort dramatically.

Need new HVAC? Read this.

Sooner or later, your heating, ventilation and air conditioner system will wear out. It may sputter its way to oblivion via a series of expensive repairs, or it might just suddenly give up the ghost one day after a decade or two of loyal service.

When your AC smells…

Pay attention immediately if the air coming from your vents has a burnt aroma. That acrid smell could be caused by one of several things, some worse than others.

If you also notice that your air conditioner is sending out warm air instead of cool air, your system may have jumped a track and turned on the heater.

AC: On/off or Auto Function?

Which is better? It depends, but usually the better choice is to select Auto (short for automatic).

It’s more energy-efficient, a good reason in itself, and it causes less wear and tear on the components, which can extend the life of your air-conditioning system.

Is your thermostat in the right place?

If your thermostat isn’t properly placed you may have pockets of hot and cold air in your home or business.

For example, a thermostat next to the kitchen and laundry room will pick up the heat generated by ovens and clothes dryers. The thermostat won’t realize the temperature may be quite different in other rooms.

Don’t make this HVAC mistake

Some people like to run the air conditioner all the time when they are in a hotel so they can revel in chill air.
But that’s a bad move, especially if you are doing this at home and paying the energy bill.

If your outdoor unit can’t stop running…

Here’s the situation: Your thermostat is at the temperature you want. The air stops blowing and the indoor unit shuts off.

All is fine, but the outside unit keeps running rather than shutting off. What’s wrong? 

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