New refrigerant is more eco-friendly

A new refrigerant will replace R-410a, which can harm the environment if it leaks from an air-conditioning system. R-410 also contributes to global warming. The change is effective Jan. 2, 2023.

Tankless water heater hacks

Tankless water heaters have several advantages over their older cousins, the traditional tank water heater.

They include great options:

HVAC coils, fins rusting? It’s a dog-going problem

The coil and fins on your outside HVAC unit can withstand weather, but not frequent visits from a dog.

Urine from dogs contains acid that eats away at these important parts. Repeated doses of urine will corrode the fins and coils, which will hurt your unit’s efficiency and can ultimately shut it down.

Ventilation works best with busy fans

Two of your best friends for ventilation are the fans in your bathroom and kitchen. Fans bring fresher, cleaner air at little cost.

Don’t be reluctant to use them often. 

A strong water heater beats insurance blues

A well-maintained tank water heater often will last 15 or more years. But insurance companies tend to draw the line at tanks that are 10 years old, and even then, they may not cover any or all of the damage if your tank fails.

Pros and cons of oil heat

There are good reasons to choose oil heat.

On the plus side

It is cost-effective, commonly available, and very safe. 

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