HVAC coils, fins rusting? It’s a dog-going problem

The coil and fins on your outside HVAC unit can withstand weather, but not frequent visits from a dog.

Urine from dogs contains acid that eats away at these important parts. Repeated doses of urine will corrode the fins and coils, which will hurt your unit’s efficiency and can ultimately shut it down.

Ventilation works best with busy fans

Two of your best friends for ventilation are the fans in your bathroom and kitchen. Fans bring fresher, cleaner air at little cost.

Don’t be reluctant to use them often. 

Don’t touch that thermostat!

What works for one appliance does not automatically work for another appliance.

Case in point: Yes, you can save energy by turning off lights.

But you won’t save energy by constantly turning your HVAC on and off.

Good news, bad news on prices

Manufacturers warn of price hikes

If you’re wondering whether to buy a new HVAC system, this item will help you see the pros and cons of waiting until next year.

That’s when manufacturers will raise prices of heating and cooling costs.

How to spell sustainability? VFR.

Sustainability is a very important word now, but our parents and grandparents knew it by different phrases.

“Get your money’s worth,” they said.

“Make it last.”

“Don’t waste anything.”

“Think ahead!”

Enjoy good humidity in all rooms

What’s better than a portable humidifier?
A whole-house humidifier that can be added to the existing cooling and heating system in your home or business.

No more moving a portable humidifier from room to room. No more daily maintenance.

Enjoy a warm, cozy bathroom

Floor heating will make your bathroom extra cozy and comfortable before or after you spend time outside in the blustery New York winter.

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